Green Eyed Monster (2015)

One of those mornings, I realized my eyes were green
It had to be because of this long summer night
For sure, it can’t be in my genes
I still wanna live under the sun light

Oh, one of those nights, I found out my jaw was wider
It had to be because of this long summer heat
With this, I can bite like a spider
Could I still say something sweet?

Well, look, I became a monster
Breaking your things with my arm swings
I became a monster
Screaming like a bird you’ve never heard before

I was once a little girl, cute and charming, like a candy swirl
My hair did not have a curl, though I had beautiful pearls
Then I ripped off that chain, and I lost all my brains
No one told me no…

So, one of these days, you’ll see my fingers will grow longer
It will be because of this long summer dream
For sure, I will grab you stronger
What did I do? I could have been a princess with a moonbeam

But, look, I was just a monster
Crushing you hard without any guard
I chose to be a monster
Crying in my heart longing to be smart…a little more

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