…Upcoming Shows

*Leader project

04/28/16 6:00pm 安楽寺 (京都, Kyoto) Duo with 市川愛

04/29/16 7:00pm Cinematik Saloon (大阪, Osaka) Duo with 市川愛

04/30/16 7:30pm Mr.Kenny’s (名古屋, Aichi) Duo with 市川愛

05/01/16 7:00pm Daphne (鎌倉, Kamakura) Duo with 市川愛

05/28/16 6:00pm 彩の国さいたま芸術劇場 (さいたま, Saitama) Manami Morita Big Band*

05/29/16 6:30pm JZ Brat (渋谷, Tokyo) Ami x Manami feat.Violette

06/01/16 7:30pm Girl Talk (水戸, Ibaraki) Ami x Manami feat.Violette