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08/08/15 12:00am  Blue Note (NYC) Trio*

08/12/15 6:00pm  Titus Sparrow Park (Boston, MA) Violette

08/23/15 9:00pm Rockwood Music Hall (NYC) New Project*

09/01/15 7:30pm Strings (吉祥寺, Tokyo) Solo*

09/10/15 8:00pm GRECO (大塚, Tokyo) GRECO 2 Piano Series with 新澤健一郎

09/11/15 TBA 中洲JAZZ (中洲, Fukuoka) 松本ゆりふぁ

09/13/15 2:00pm Apple Jump (池袋, Tokyo) Solo*

10/02/15 7:30pm Blues Alley Tokyo (目黒, Tokyo) Duo with 牧山純子