…Upcoming Shows

*Leader project

11/22/16 7:30pm Motion Blue (横浜, Kanagawa) Ami x Manami

11/25/16 8:00pm Crosby (仙台, Miyagi) Duo with 牧山純子

11/26/16 7:00pm Cat Walk (秋田, Akita) Duo with 牧山純子

11/27/16 7:00pm Bar Cafe the S (盛岡, Iwate) Duo with 牧山純子

11/28/16 7:00pm Bar Queen (いわき, Fukushima) Duo with 牧山純子

11/29/16 7:30pm Girl Talk (水戸, Ibaraki) Duo with 牧山純子

12/04/16 2:00pm Apple Jump (池袋, Tokyo) Duo with 牧山純子

12/04/16 7:00pm Apple Jump (池袋, Tokyo) Duo with 牧山純子

12/16/16 6:30pm Strings (吉祥寺, Tokyo) Solo with special guest*

01/14/17 7:00pm KAMOME (関内, Kanagawa) Duo with 市川愛

01/15/17 6:00pm Hermit Dolphin (浜松, Shizuoka) Duo with 市川愛

01/17/17 7:30pm Left Alone (芦屋, Hyogo) Duo with 市川愛

01/18/17 7:30pm Mr. Kenny’s (名古屋, Aichi) Duo with 市川愛